Introducing the prosperous preschool program


The only self-paced, business development program designed for stressed-out preschool owners who want to quickly learn, implement, and scale best practices in business, marketing and management for education businesses.


This is how you grow a prosperous preschool!

Hi, I'm Whitney Raver! (img)

Hi, I'm Whitney!


When preschool owners come to me feeling stressed out and stretched too thin, they usually think they can solve all their problems with bright fliers or a Facebook ad begging parents to "enroll now". But, after over five years saving purpose-driven preschools, I know that what you really need is to stop wasting time and energy solving the same problems over and over. 


You need a fast, simple way to learn, implement and scale best practices in entrepreneurship, marketing and management so you can start running your preschool business like, well, a business.


Introducing the Prosperous Preschool Program!

Wait a minute, let's talk about why you're here...

Let's be real  there are some really good reasons you're ready (more  than ready) to take control of the business side of your preschool. For instance:


  • Reason #1

    You started your preschool to serve your mission. Your current and future students are depending on your success, but if things keep going like they are then you just won't be able to keep it up.

  • Reason #2

    You started your preschool to become financially free, but right now your preschool isn't generating enough revenue to cover all your expenses. If you don't get your finances under control, you could lose it all. 

  • Reason #3

    You're trying to be the leader your community deserves, but you're so stressed out. You can't keep working like this. You have got to get good help and good systems in place  like yesterday.

  • Reason #4

    You know this mission would never have been planted in your heart if success wasn't possible. Besides, other preschools succeed all the time, so you know there is a way. And when you find it, you're committed to taking it up right away.


You still believe in this mission. But growing your preschool was never supposed to be this hard!


Something is always going wrong. Either there aren't enough kids, or there aren't enough teachers. Payments are being missed. Rules are being ignored. Inspections are being failed... 

But what if running your preschool looked different?

  • On-demand




  • Incredible




  • Indestructible




  • Responsive




  • More Time

    Less Stress

Results like these are not only possible, we've created them for dozens of preschools  over the last five years by helping them learn, implement, and scale education-specific business systems.


And now, at your own pace, you can learn our entire research-based success formula... 

The Prosperous Preschool Approach


Every successful preschool business has four things...


Unstoppable Leadership

 Attract the parents, students, and qualified teachers who are meant to be part of your mission and purpose.


Untouchable Reputation

Problem-proof your reputation by building an engaged parent-teacher community around your preschool on social media.

Organized Systems

Set your self-sustaining business systems in place to expand your authority, your preschool, and your prosperity for you.



Focus your energy on increasing your influence, affluence, and impact - the keys to limitless growth and prosperity.

THANK YOU! You have taken so many of my scattered thoughts and combined them into something that makes sense! My team is happier and my classes are full. It's only been two months! Just thank you!

Cynthia, Brilliant Babes Head Start

    With over five years of research and experience...

    we have designed this self-paced business development program to meet the specific needs of education business owners.

    Inside, you’ll learn how to create a successful business model, choose tech with intention, optimize marketing strategies for maximum student and teacher retention, develop a positive community and culture, track and interpret metrics, manage employee performance while elevating your reputation in the community…


    in as little as 12 weeks!


    Oh yeah and with everything running smoothly, you might finally get the rest you deserve! 


    This is where you need to be! Here's how it happens...

    Building Preschool

    Business Systems

    Valued at $1997

    How to Get the Business of Your Preschool So Organized It Runs Itself


    The Building Preschool Business Systems course walks you through the process of creating self-sustaining systems to stop predictable problems before they start. 


    With self-sustaining business systems in place, you can focus on expanding your influence, your affluence, and your impact and finally growing the prosperous preschool you set out to build all those years ago.

    What You'll Learn

    Hiring and Enrollment

    • You'll learn how to break out of the boom-and-bust teacher-student ratio cycle by synchronizing your marketing approach
    • How to stop wasting money on fliers and Facebook ads begging parents to "enroll now" and how to implement strategies that really work
    • The best way to leverage community alliances for referrals

    Community and Retention

    • How to stop getting stuck with parents who don't pay on time
    • How to use structure to systemize your operations, so you don't waste money on software subscriptions
    • How to keep your best teachers loyal even when you can't pay top dollar

    Nurture Your Core Assets

    • How to save money on marketing and advertising by breaking away from the competition (without ads!)
    • How to make sure parents on your waitlist still want to enroll with you when you have a spot available
    • How to leverage retention and your great work to increase your prices

    Valued at $999

    The Magnetic

    Preschool Identity

    People are attracted to what they can name, and repelled by what they can't name. People are neutral to that which appears to be like everything else. 


    Problem-proof your preschool by creating a magnetic identity and an untouchable reputation.

    What You'll Learn

    Throughout the 12 modules in the Magnetic Preschool Identity training program, you'll learn

    • How to develop an irresistible visual and emotional brand
    • The right way to use social media to grow your preschool
    • How to reach out to natural allies to showcase your expertise and authority
    • How to become the "go-to" preschool for your community, the only way to make your waitlist really count!

    Valued at $1299

    Unstoppable Leadership

    Every single one of your problems has a solution. The best solutions are the ones that are just for you. 


    The Ship Shape Solutions method will teach how to solve any problem, once and for all.

    What You'll Learn

    Get to the Deeper Issue

       1. Identify the Problem

       2. Determine the Cause

       3. Explore Connections

    Organize Your Options

       4. Your Desired Outcome

       5. Explore and Label Your Options

       6. Make a Decision

    Systemize Your Solution

       7. Organize the Components

       8. Implement Your Solution

       9. Adjust and Finalize

    Plus, Plus, Plus...

    Extra, easy-to-use resources to make sure you succeed quickly!

    Valued at $99/month or $1200/year

    Community is at the core of everything we do. But keeping your community engaged and excited to hear from you takes a lot of hard work. 


    Not for you! You'll get dozens of beautiful, easy-to-customize visual templates to captivate your audiences on Facebook and Instagram.

    • Excite community engagement.

    • Build on intrigue, rapport and trust. 

    • Establish and reward community expectations.

    • Develop an invincible reputation.

    Valued at $49

    KPI Workbook

    What's the hardest part of marketing your school? Figuring out what works. You shouldn't have to wait months or even weeks to see if your efforts are going to pay off. By watching the right numbers, you'll get a full view of your entire pipeline, from awareness to enrollment, so you can optimize each step and improve outcomes day after day - before you've wasted time, money, and energy. 


    Never having to worry about tuition or payroll again.


    Never having to worry about finding and keeping great teachers again.


    Never having to worry about getting enough students enrolled again.


    Never having to worry about your reputation again. 


    That kind of peace of mind? Priceless.

    Fliers and Facebook ads begging parents to "enroll now" won't make up for fundamental weaknesses in the structure and organization of your preschool business. You need a strong foundation to support the growth you're dreaming of.


    Your preschool can't wait. Neither should you. Sign up now!

    That's a total value of $5544 for just $469!

    Get started now to be ready for the new year!

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    Lifetime Access

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    From Stressed Out and Stretched Too Thin to Organized and Prosperous.

    Is it worth it? You bet it is!


    This is all Really, Really Good! And just what I needed too, with all of the changes now in how to do things, the fb page is more important than ever, and mine needs attention and love.

    Linda, Alpha-Bet Cooperative Preschool

    I had no idea how I was going to fill my program when I launched. With no experience, I used this training and the free templates to enroll 12 students in 3 weeks! 

    Rebecca, Digital Art School

    Thank you. I've known I have serious work to do. I wasted thousands on coaches and marketing that all said the same thing. Nothing worked. I was afraid I would have to close down my preschool and now I have clear actionable steps on what to do.

    Rochelle, Babes of Christ Preschool

    Most sincerely, thank you very much. These workbooks and the exercises are the guide my school needed to get in shape. With all of us working together, we were able to close our enrollment gap in just over a month with no Facebook ads.

    Monika, The Play School

    Incredible! I came with just an idea for an educational program. Now I have outreach in two different countries. I just don't know what we'd do without you and your incredible team.

    Mohammed, HEPTO

    But wait...

    Who is responsible for these incredible results?

    Please Meet the Director

    Whitney Raver

    Business Coach - Master Marketer - Activist

    As the creator of the Prosperous Preschool program, and director at EnrollBoom, Whitney has refined over a decade of experience teaching and implementing profitable marketing and business development strategies for small businesses at varying stages of growth. She specializes in helping clients bridge the skill gap between their passion for educating and the ability to run a successful business.


    Whitney helps dedicated education business owners learn, implement, and scale specialized strategies in business, marketing, and management for education, helping them develop the influence, affluence, and impact they need to grow a prosperous preschool and secure every child’s prosperous future.



    Awesome, right?

    Now, let's not forget why we're all here. The one thing we're all working toward...


    We Stand On Our Values

    We believe that prosperity is the key to the just, equitable future our children deserve.


    It's at the core of everything we do.

    We know that prosperity is more than money.


    It's about having the power to bring your vision to life. And that requires four key attributes:


    Without influence, you cannot affect your community.


    Without affluence, you cannot affect your condition.


    Without impact, you cannot affect your future.


    Without purpose, you cannot direct your vision.

    That's a lot to focus on. Which is why it's so important to build them into every aspect of running your preschool business.


    "Ok, but this doesn't sound like business. Where are the ads?"


    Yeah, you're used to hearing about how fliers and Facebook ads are the best (only) ​way to grow your preschool. Well, let me ask you this: has it worked so far?


    No. And it's not going to work, either.


    Not until you have the fundamental business, marketing, and management systems in place to form a foundation that can support your growth.

    Influence, affluence, impact, and purpose? Or take another stab at those fliers and Facebook ads?

    The choice is yours!

    Ready to Get Started?

    Are you kidding? I've been ready!

    That's a total value of $5544 for just $469!

    Get started now to be ready for the new year!

    Pay in Full

    One payment

    Lifetime Access

    Lifetime Access

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    Payment Plan


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    Cancel Anytime

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    Wait...You're still here?

    Then you must still be wondering if this is right for you.

    No worries! The Prosperous Preschool program isn't right for everyone, and that's by design. This program is perfect for you if...


    • You feel stressed out and stretched too thin from wearing all the hats in your preschool.

    • You constantly struggle to find enough students and loyal, qualified teachers.

    • You're worried you can't compete with preschools with bigger budgets.

    • You worry about your reputation every time a family or teacher leaves your school.

    • You've tried everything under the sun. Now you're ready to invest in something that works.

    • You're tired of barely staying afloat using one quick fix after another. You're ready to invest in learning how to implement and scale profitable systems in your preschool business.


    No, we haven't been spying on you... honest!  


    Here's How to Get Started

    This is exactly what you need to do right now to start growing your preschool.

    #1 Click It

    Click on one of the flashy "start" buttons to get redirected to the check-out page. 

    #2 Pick It

    Choose to pay in full or opt for the 3-month payment plan.

    #3 Check It

    Check your email for your receipt, program portal link, and log-in credentials 

    #4 Sign In

    Use your user name and password to access the program and bonuses.

    This is the only self-paced, business development program designed for stressed-out preschool owners who want to quickly learn, implement, and scale best practices in business, marketing and management for education businesses.


    It's more than a training program.

    This is how you grow a prosperous preschool!

    After completing this program, not only will you be walking away with the knowledge, confidence, and tools to finally grow your preschool… 


    You’ll also get access to future program updates and all the cool new stuff in our growing library of templates and training resources!

    (Oh right! Did I mention that if you sign up now, you'll get access to the entire Prosperous Preschool program and updates for life?)

    This is amazing! Where do I sign?

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    What do you say? Ready to solve your preschool problems for good?

    Getting started will never be easier than it is today!

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